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Dr. Allen
"The Sun here and the Heat Makes it a Shit Hole."
-Dr. Allen Theresia Saenz

Below is an e-mail/IM exchange had over a fairly extended period of time between a Nigerian lottery official and a guy in Utah named Fielding Melish which he has posted on the Internet. It takes a turn for the meta towards the end. His e-mails have the tan backgrounds, Fielding's replies have the blue backgrounds. The chat sessions are in yellow. The big confession happens during the chat session of October 14th.

September 22nd





DIRECTOR: Dr.Allen Theresia Saenz


PHONE NUMBER : 2348-12911-9944





Dr.Allen Theresia Saenz


September 23rd


Please send me my money right away, I am very excited!


September 23rd

Dear Fielding,

We appreciate your prompt response to our e-mail and also for providing your contact information to enable us transfer your $270,000USD(Two Hundred And Seventy Thousand United States Dollars) deposited with us for you to pick up. We have filed your data for onward transfer of your funds to you. However be informed that our sending out limit is $10,000 to a Receiver per a slip and we will be sending out $50,000 instead of $10,000 because time is no longer on our Side,we need to hasten up things so that we can get this Done,that is why we will be sending the $50,000 each to make things faster .And Also Below is the break-down of which your funds would be transferred to you,we have the MTCN numbers here,it is available for pick up by you but we put it on hold so that you can complete the procedures before we can allow you gain full Access to the Sum here is the :

MTCN Number:3569875679

Sender's First Name:Tommy

Sender's Last Name: Brooks

You are free to track it but bear it in mind that you will be unable to pick up the Money because it was put on hold by to avoid Double Claims.

September 23rd


OK so I print out this e-mail and take it Western Union and they will give me my money?

Thank You!


September 23rd

Dear Fielding,

In regards to your mail,All you need to do is to Choose Between the 3 Delivery options given to you in the Email you Read,as soon as you have decided ,get back to me with your Choice of delivery so that i can Furnish you with the Possible details for you to take to Western union or the Bank.You can Meet me On Yahoo Messenger if you need more details,i will be available there for you to ask Questions and get more information in regards to your funds.The Email is (

I Hope To Hear From You soon.


Dr Allen Saenz

Transaction Director


September 24th

Hi Dr. Allen,

I looked over the chart you sent me. I think I want the Total Transfer, it is $270,000 and the other transfer amounts are smaller. Can you mail me a check? Here is my address:

1140 West Riverdale Road

Riverdale, UT 84405

Thank You!!


September 24th

Dear Fielding,

In regards to your mail,Well there is no problem about Mailing you a Cheque ,we already have your details,but we need your phone Number so that we can be able to reach you on Phone whenever it is needed.And also we would want you to know that you are the one responsible for the Mailing fees which will only cost you $230.00 Tax Free. So we would want you to send the Funds to the details given to you below:

Name: Ufuah Edwin (Mrs)

State: Edo State

Country : Nigeria

Text Question: Who Is God?

Answer: God Is Love.

Once you have sent the Mailing Fee you are to expected to call or email me the payment details,and we will mail the cheque to you Over Night and you will get it the next Morning in your Mail Box.

I Hope To Hear From You Soon.


Dr.Allen Thereisa Saenz


September 24th

Hi Dr. Allen,

So wait, do I mail you a check for $230 to cover the mailing fees? Can I send you the money through PayPal instead? If not, what is your address?

I don't understand the question about god.


September 25th

Dear Fielding,

In regards to your mail,All that will take a Long Process for the money to get here,that is why you have the we (The Western Union Money Transfer) and ( Money Gram Money Transfer ).All you have to do is to go to look for any WalMart Store close to you or any Western Union Outlet or even a Money Gram Outlet close to you and pay the $230 to the details give to you below,just tell them that you want to send money to a Relative so that it will be easy for them to understand what you are really trying to do,then they will give you a Form to Fill,Fill it Accordingly and also in the Form you will see where it is Written ''Text Question'' (Please Take Note) that is when you are to write the word ''Who Is God ?'' then below you will see where it is written ''Answer'' that is when you are to write the word '' God Is Love''.

It is like a Pass code known only between you and the receiver and that is our own Pass Code and nothing more and with God all things are possible so put God first in whatever you do.After you have filled the form you will then pay the money to them,then they will give you a Ten (10) Digit Number which is known as the ''Money Transfer Control Numbers'' also known as the M.T.C.N. once you are given these Numbers,you are to send them to me including the rest of the details which are as follows in the email sent to you earlier on.

Well I Hope You Totally Understand How It Is Done Now.And Also Try To Talk To Me Online .


Dr.Allen Thereisa Saenz


September 25th

Hi Dr. Allen,

Thank you for explaining, I think I get it now. There is a place near my botox clinic called Check City ( ). Do you think they will be able to handle this transaction?

I am glad you are a man of god and believe that with god all things are possible. Could you tell me the story of how you found Jesus? This would make my wife and I very happy.

Also do you have any pets? We have an exotic alpaca. His name is Wally and he eats AA batteries sometimes! :)

Praise The Lord!


September 27th

western_unionoutlet:   Hello Fielding

western_unionoutlet:   Are you there ?

Fielding Melish:   hello?

western_unionoutlet:   How are you

western_unionoutlet:   Its Allen Saenz

western_unionoutlet:   Speaking here

Fielding Melish:   oh wonderful

Fielding Melish:   how are you?

western_unionoutlet:   I am Fine as well

western_unionoutlet:   I have been waiting for you

western_unionoutlet:   so that we could discuss about your funds

Fielding Melish:   sorry it has taken so long. I have been having major bowel movement problems

western_unionoutlet:   Oh so sorry to hear that

western_unionoutlet:   Well lets go on


western_unionoutlet:   Click on the Link

western_unionoutlet:   so that the page wil show up on your Screen

Fielding Melish:   i clicked the link

Fielding Melish:   but the text is all in chinese or japanese or something

western_unionoutlet:   Okay once it opens let me know

Fielding Melish:   can you translate this for me?

Fielding Melish:   i don't know chinese

western_unionoutlet:   Copy the Link and paste it on a new browser

Fielding Melish:   ok

Fielding Melish:   same thing - chinese! :(


western_unionoutlet:   Okay click on this One

Fielding Melish:   it's loading ..

western_unionoutlet:   Okay

Fielding Melish:   damnit. chinese again

western_unionoutlet:   do you know how to open a Western Union Site

western_unionoutlet:   on your Computer ?

Fielding Melish:   i thought i did

Fielding Melish:   but i keep clicking on the link and it comes up chinese

Fielding Melish:   other sites are coming up in english

Fielding Melish:   can i ask you something?

western_unionoutlet:   yes go on

Fielding Melish:   how should i invest my $270,000?

Fielding Melish:   you are a man of finance

Fielding Melish:   I manage a store here in Ogden Utah but I don't trust my employees. I need independent advice

western_unionoutlet:   Just get Yourself a lot Of Shares

western_unionoutlet:   and some property

Fielding Melish:   that's common sense

Fielding Melish:   you could do well here

Fielding Melish:   have you ever considered working in America?

western_unionoutlet:   Yes

western_unionoutlet:   But i Think i am Okay with this Job for now

western_unionoutlet:   i have everything i want here

Fielding Melish:   What if I could get you a job for $135,000 per year here in Utah. We could even send you a signing bonus to pay for your move.

western_unionoutlet:   Hmm

western_unionoutlet:   :-?

western_unionoutlet:   Okay SO WHat Kind Of Job is It

western_unionoutlet:   ?

Fielding Melish:   You would manage my new store that I'm opening. You would handle the finances. It's called Spatula City

Fielding Melish:   We sell name brand spatula's at half the regular retail price

Fielding Melish:   it's big business here in Utah

western_unionoutlet:   Hmmm

western_unionoutlet:   Sounds Good

western_unionoutlet:   Well So What do you want me to do

western_unionoutlet:   ?

Fielding Melish:   Well, how much would it cost for you to move?

Fielding Melish:   I need to know how much money to send you

western_unionoutlet:   How About Your Money Here

western_unionoutlet:   ?

Fielding Melish:   Oh! You could use some of my $270,000?

Fielding Melish:   that's a good idea.

Fielding Melish:   not too much of it though. I want the rest!

western_unionoutlet:   I Cannot touch from it

western_unionoutlet:   It Has to get To You

western_unionoutlet:   You are the Only person who can Touch from it

western_unionoutlet:   Before anyone else

western_unionoutlet:   Or do you want to Ignore that as well ?

western_unionoutlet:   WHy do you just let me Transfer that one to you

western_unionoutlet:   before moving

Fielding Melish:   ok

Fielding Melish:   i need to go to sleep soon. but in the meantime check my most recent email and let me know if that check place i sent you can do the money transfer

Fielding Melish:   we need to figure this out! :)

western_unionoutlet:   Okay

Fielding Melish:   goodnight my friend

October 5th

western_unionoutlet:   Hello Fielding

western_unionoutlet:   I have Considered your offer

western_unionoutlet:   i am willing to take it

western_unionoutlet:   what should i do

western_unionoutlet:   ?

western_unionoutlet:   Please talk to me

Fielding Melish:   hello

Fielding Melish:   that is fantastic!

Fielding Melish:   how soon can you come here to the states?

western_unionoutlet:   i dont know it all depends on you

western_unionoutlet:   and how fast you can get me ther

Fielding Melish:   Could you come here next month? I will find a nice house for you to live in

western_unionoutlet:   Okay no problem

western_unionoutlet:   just get me out of here

Fielding Melish:   haha. I like your style!!

western_unionoutlet:   and i will be okay with you

Fielding Melish:   Do you know what neighborhood of Ogden you would like to live in?

western_unionoutlet:   no

Fielding Melish:   My friend owns some properties down by Orchard Park

Fielding Melish:   he would rent you something nice

Fielding Melish:   the one thing to know is they have a lot of gays in that area

Fielding Melish:   are you OK with that?

Fielding Melish:   let me know if it is a problem and I can find something else

Fielding Melish:   maybe up by Liberty Park

western_unionoutlet:   i dont know

western_unionoutlet:   untill i get there first

western_unionoutlet:   SO what plans do you have of getting me out of here

western_unionoutlet:   because i really want to leave this Shit Hole

western_unionoutlet:   I will do anything

western_unionoutlet:   just to leave here

Fielding Melish:   what makes your current place a shit hole?

Fielding Melish:   I hear some people in Africa don't have cable TV

Fielding Melish:   that's pretty awful

western_unionoutlet:   The Sun here and the Heat Makes it a Shit Hole

western_unionoutlet:   not to talk of the Corrupt Governament

western_unionoutlet:   and Dirt

western_unionoutlet:   Everything here Makes it a Shit Hole

Fielding Melish:   ah

western_unionoutlet:   I Just dont want to think more about it

Fielding Melish:   can you leave on next Tuesday? Or do you need more time to gather your things?

western_unionoutlet:   i have only a few things that i need

western_unionoutlet:   i can move

western_unionoutlet:   but you should know that i do not have enough Funds

western_unionoutlet:   do not think that i am trying to play a fast one on you

western_unionoutlet:   i am really serious about this

Fielding Melish:   of course! you will be my employee i will pay for you

Fielding Melish:   so i need your travel details

western_unionoutlet:   Please Just get me out of here

western_unionoutlet:   i am willing to do anything for you

Fielding Melish:   what is your closest airport

Fielding Melish:   ?

western_unionoutlet:   Muritala Mohammed International Airport

western_unionoutlet:   in lagos

western_unionoutlet:   just get me some funds

western_unionoutlet:   and i will be ther with you

western_unionoutlet:   in no time Please

Fielding Melish:   Sure thing! Let me see what we can do about flights. My brother runs a travel agency and books good deals on travel for me.

western_unionoutlet:   okay

western_unionoutlet:   how about the Funds

western_unionoutlet:   ?

western_unionoutlet:   how do i get it ?

western_unionoutlet:   Okay let me ask it in another way

western_unionoutlet:   How Much are you intending to send

western_unionoutlet:   so i can clear off some bills for my travelling

western_unionoutlet:   and some i owe already

Fielding Melish:   yes of course

Fielding Melish:   tell me what you think of this flight:

Fielding Melish:

Fielding Melish:   you would have to change planes twice. once in Frankfurt, once in Chiacgo

Fielding Melish:   is that OK?

western_unionoutlet:   Okay no problem

western_unionoutlet:   i said i will do anything jut to get out of here

Fielding Melish:   great. thank you so much for being flexible. i am excited for you to come here and work for me

Fielding Melish:   but first I need to send you some money to clear up your debts

Fielding Melish:   how much do you need?

Fielding Melish:   I will send it as soon as I can

western_unionoutlet:   i dont know

western_unionoutlet:   how much can you send to me

western_unionoutlet:   ASAP

western_unionoutlet:   ?

western_unionoutlet:   i dont want to ask from you

western_unionoutlet:   just tell me how much you can give to me

Fielding Melish:   I don't think I can send you more than $52,000 right now. is that enough?

western_unionoutlet:   that is too much

western_unionoutlet:   just send me $3,000

western_unionoutlet:   through Money Gram or Western Union

Fielding Melish:   that's fine, I can get that to you very quickly

western_unionoutlet:   that will be okay for now

Fielding Melish:   great!

western_unionoutlet:   that will be okay for me to Clear the Bills

western_unionoutlet:   and get there

Fielding Melish:   how do I send the money?

Fielding Melish:   I don't know how these fancy websites work!

western_unionoutlet:   no just go to any Western Union Outlet

western_unionoutlet:   maybe a Walmart Store

western_unionoutlet:   or a Money Gram Outlet

western_unionoutlet:   and send the funds to these man

western_unionoutlet:   he is the one that can help me collect Funds

western_unionoutlet:   without stress

western_unionoutlet:   Name: Edwin Ufuah

western_unionoutlet:   State: Edo State

western_unionoutlet:   Country : Nigeria

Fielding Melish:   ok I will write this down

western_unionoutlet:   Text Question: Who Is God?

western_unionoutlet:   Answer: God Is Love

western_unionoutlet:   Please Sir

western_unionoutlet:   I will be Forever Greatfull to you

Fielding Melish:   ok got it. I will go to western union tomorrow

western_unionoutlet:   if you get me out of here

Fielding Melish:   did you choose that Question and Answer?

western_unionoutlet:   yes

western_unionoutlet:   i did

Fielding Melish:   So you are a believer in God?

western_unionoutlet:   Yes I Am

Fielding Melish:   That is wonderful

western_unionoutlet:   Why ?

western_unionoutlet:   are you not ?

Fielding Melish:   Of course I am. Praise Jesus!

Fielding Melish:   I need to have dinner now, I will chat with you soon

Fielding Melish:   Before I go, I need you to do me a favor

Fielding Melish:   Because my wife is very religious and she asks this of all who come to work with us here

Fielding Melish:   I need you to draw me a picture of your favorite scene from the bible and then write a few words about why you love it

Fielding Melish:   when you come here to Ogden you will see the collection of these drawings that we have from all our friends and family

Fielding Melish:   it is very important to us

Fielding Melish:   can you send that to me soon?

western_unionoutlet:   i will try as much as possible sir

western_unionoutlet:   Sir do you really know who i am ?

Fielding Melish:   great news! my wife will be very pleased

western_unionoutlet:   Sir do you really Know Who i Am ?

Fielding Melish:   you are a wonderful businessman and christian, and soon you will be here in the USA!

Fielding Melish:   now time for dinner

Fielding Melish:   goodnight!

October 6th


I sent you the money this morning. $3000. Please confirm that you have received it.

We are very excited to see you here in America soon!


October 7th

Dear Fielding,

Thanks very Much Sir,But i do not have the details to collect the money that is the real problem here now,so please if you could send me the details so that i can go collect the Funds and then get back to you on my plans.

I Hope To Get Your Email Soon Sir.Bye For Now Sir.



October 7th

Which information do you need? I'm confused.

Sorry I have never used Western Union before!

We are very excited to see you soon


October 7th

Dear Fielding,

I need the Mtcn Number,The Sender's name , and state.Then finally the Text Question and Answer so that i can collect the funds that you sent.

Hope To hear from You Soon.



October 8th

Hello Allen!

Here is the number (i think!): 9973073752

Sender Name: Fileding Melish

Sender Address: 275 West 12th Street, Ogden UT 84404

text question: who is god?

answer: god is love

amount: $3000

Also, have you made any progress with that drawing? My wife is very eager to see what you have made for us, so we can welcome you into our home.



October 9th

Dear Mr Fielding,

The Details you gave to me does not have any record on the Western Union system in short this is what it showed to me :

W0131 We do not have an order with the provided information. Please verify your information and click Check Status of another transfer.

As you can see i tracked it in my office and that was what i saw which is not right,so if you are playing with my intelligence then i am so sorry that you've got the wrong person and Finally,i am working on the Drawing and haven't finished yet,but i really need that funds that you told me you will send,i know you didn't send any But well God Knows better so if you could just stop playing with me because i am desperately in need of this Opportunity.Well Bye for now and if you will continue giving me wrong information then i will advice that you stop mailing or contacting me.



October 9th

Hi Allen,

I am very sorry the information did not work. Are you sure you typed it correctly? I will go down to Western Union tomorrow to see if something went wrong with the transaction. I have never done this before and it is very confusing to me.

Your note has made us very sad. My wife is crying. All we want is to bring you to a better life and have you help us with our business. Trust is so important to us, and God.

My wife says this makes your drawing for us all the more important. We want to know you are serious about this. We want to know you trust us, so that we can trust you. Please send the drawing as soon as you can it will make her feel better and stop crying.


October 9th

Dear Fielding,

i Do not know what to say but God Knows best, well i will wait and see what will happen tomorrow ,and also please do not send me any wrong information,i will send you the Drawing as soon as i get the Funds ,Thanks Very Much for your Assistance Sir and God Bless You,I Hope To hear from You Tomorrow.


Dr.Allen Saenz

October 10th

Hi Dr. Allen,

I thought you were already working on the drawing? Are you saying that we have to buy the drawing from you? I thought we had an understanding. My wife is crying again.


October 14th

western_unionoutlet:   Hello Fielding

Fielding Melish:   Hello

western_unionoutlet:   Sir what you did to me is not fair

western_unionoutlet:   Sir Where exactly are you residing

western_unionoutlet:   i have some confession to make

western_unionoutlet:   Because i am sick and tired of what i am doing

Fielding Melish:   ok

western_unionoutlet:   Sir What would you do if i told you i was a Scam Artist

western_unionoutlet:   ?

western_unionoutlet:   please dont ignore me

Fielding Melish:   a scam artist?? i don't understand. you are such a good person

western_unionoutlet:   Sir i scam People and i am tired of it

western_unionoutlet:   i want to live a good life

western_unionoutlet:   but i dont know how to

Fielding Melish:   well

Fielding Melish:   I guess just stop scamming people

western_unionoutlet:   I am Telling you the Truth and nothing but the Truth Sir

western_unionoutlet:   Yes because my concience wont let me be

western_unionoutlet:   Sir if i stop

western_unionoutlet:   my family will die

western_unionoutlet:   of starvation

western_unionoutlet:   and Poverty

western_unionoutlet:   i do this for a living

western_unionoutlet:   so i can bring food in the mouth of my Son

western_unionoutlet:   and Mother

western_unionoutlet:   Because i am Her Only Surviving child

western_unionoutlet:   I keep thinking about how those people i scam would

western_unionoutlet:   feel

western_unionoutlet:   by loosing their hard earned money

western_unionoutlet:   It is So Frustrating i just have to stop it sir

western_unionoutlet:   I dont know how you will feel by hearing this

western_unionoutlet:   But i must Confess

western_unionoutlet:   i am telling you the Truth

western_unionoutlet:   because i can't help it

western_unionoutlet:   Well it all depends on you now

western_unionoutlet:   to choose

western_unionoutlet:   between Leaving me

western_unionoutlet:   or giving me a breakthrough

western_unionoutlet:   I promise that with me

western_unionoutlet:   by your Side

western_unionoutlet:   you will never be Scammed

Fielding Melish:   ah

western_unionoutlet:   I will give you all the details

western_unionoutlet:   that you need

western_unionoutlet:   to know

western_unionoutlet:   between Scams

western_unionoutlet:   and What is Legitimate

western_unionoutlet:   I Swear it

western_unionoutlet:   Sir

Fielding Melish:   so wait .. how many times when I get letters about winning the lottery is it a scam?

Fielding Melish:   and how many times is it true?

western_unionoutlet:   Sir None is Truthfull

western_unionoutlet:   because you never applied for any Lottery

western_unionoutlet:   Neither did you play any pool

western_unionoutlet:   or Gamble to win such amount of money

western_unionoutlet:   Sir in a world we are in now

western_unionoutlet:   you have to work for what you earn

western_unionoutlet:   so it cannot just come like that

western_unionoutlet:   sir so stop believeing

western_unionoutlet:   anything you see

western_unionoutlet:   because they are all lies sir

western_unionoutlet:   Even My letter to you

western_unionoutlet:   was a SCam

Fielding Melish:   wow

western_unionoutlet:   But i dont know what Pushed

western_unionoutlet:   me to this level

western_unionoutlet:   Only God Knows

western_unionoutlet:   What Next

Fielding Melish:   I got an email from someone in Benin who says he is a prince and needs to transfer money to my bank account

western_unionoutlet:   Sir please you have to help me

western_unionoutlet:   I really need your help sir

western_unionoutlet:   Sir it is a Lie

western_unionoutlet:   You will get nothing

Fielding Melish:   I also got an email from a beautiful russian woman who wants to come to America - are you saying maybe she is lying too?

western_unionoutlet:   Instead you will Be Forced to pay for Fees

western_unionoutlet:   Some are even Forced To Use Voodoo

western_unionoutlet:   On you

western_unionoutlet:   So that you will believe them

western_unionoutlet:   They all do thesame work with us

western_unionoutlet:   Sir I Need Your Help

western_unionoutlet:   i will give you all the Informations you need

western_unionoutlet:   Sir

western_unionoutlet:   just leave that to me

western_unionoutlet:   i will make sure that you dont Loose any penny

western_unionoutlet:   to anyone who does not deserve it

Fielding Melish:   Voodoo?? You mean someone in Nigeria casts spells over email to convince Americans that they are true?

western_unionoutlet:   Yes

western_unionoutlet:   On Some

western_unionoutlet:   Not all

western_unionoutlet:   You dont believe

western_unionoutlet:   ?

Fielding Melish:   How does that work? What kind of spells?

Fielding Melish:   I believe - this is just interesting - I never knew this

western_unionoutlet:   You Should never send a Scanned Copy of Your ID to anyone you do not know porperly

western_unionoutlet:   the picture is what makes it work

western_unionoutlet:   if they have your Picture

western_unionoutlet:   nothing will stop it from working

western_unionoutlet:   Sir you are just extracting Informations from me

western_unionoutlet:   Without listening to what

western_unionoutlet:   I have to Say

Fielding Melish:   i hear you

western_unionoutlet:   I hope you wont abadon me

western_unionoutlet:   after i tell you everything

western_unionoutlet:   because i am beggining to feel like i am going too far

Fielding Melish:   So you are asking me to bring you to America?

western_unionoutlet:   Yes Sir

western_unionoutlet:   and also you promise to Take Care Of Me And My Family

Fielding Melish:   I would like to, but there is a problem

western_unionoutlet:   what is that

western_unionoutlet:   ?

Fielding Melish:   I do not really live in Utah, and I don't really own a business. I am a 12 year old girl named Maria.

Fielding Melish:   When I get scam e-mails I write back and have conversations for fun

Fielding Melish:   to waste the time of the scammers

Fielding Melish:   so they don't scam other people because they are busy with me

western_unionoutlet:   Okay

western_unionoutlet:   that is kool

western_unionoutlet:   would love to see you

western_unionoutlet:   i am 23

western_unionoutlet:   Phillip is my name

Fielding Melish:   well how could you see me? I can't even afford a bicycle no less a plane ticket

western_unionoutlet:   No Maybe on Cam

Fielding Melish:   maybe

Fielding Melish:   i have to go do my homework now

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