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Thursday Night Out

ITP has a weekly tradition of a social outing on thursday nights while school is in session. For each of these events, someone chooses a bar and designs a multimedia "inivtation". Below are three of them.

February 2006 - The Raven
Video footage from a cheat-code-enabled session of Grand Theft Auto Vice City highlights mayhem they didn't show in the TV commericals for the game.
September 2006 - Korova Milk Bar
Jacqueline Kennedy invites you, very earnestly, to attend the event.
April 2007 - Duff's
The heavy metal juggernaut Morowati performs a Slayer classic from their legendary album "Your Face is a Wiki for my Fist."

Epilogue: All three bars have since been shut down. One burned down, one went bankrupt, and one was forced out by a condo developer.

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