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Spatula Of Death
the project
Thesis Seminar
Spring 2007

This project is a juxtaposition of unlikely elements in an unnerving panoply of wonder and whimsy. A "social networking" website is established around the idea of enmity. Frustrations are vented, boundaries tested. Instead of friends you have enemies. At the center of this ANTIsocial network is a networked object that can be abused remotely by the community. The instrument of this abuse is a spatula. The Spatula Of Death.

For instance, right now there is a toy monkey in the cage. You can log in and "smite" the monkey, triggering a spatula to smack it in the head repeatedly. You can dedicate this "smite" to a fellow user or another target of your choosing. It is a great way to hurl insults, fun for the whole family. When your smite occurs, everyone viewing the site sees your smite with your dedication. If multiple smites come in at once, they are queued up and executed on a first-come-first-served basis.

There's also a group blog where users can post their thoughts about how great the site is and they can't stop using it. You can also earn "Douchebag Points" and work your way up the "Top Ten Douchebags" list.

For the ITP Spring Show 2007, the project was set up as an installation. A cubicle was built in the corner of the room and adorned with standard office things. The Spatula Of Death logo was displayed prominently. Also, the cubicle was decorated with red & black balloons, and red streamers. 220 audio cassettes worth of magnetic tape was combined into a curtain for the cubicle. The idea of a weird office cubicle was inspired by the idea that a typical use case of the project would be someone with a sense of humor who was bored at work. Oh, and the toy monkey was replaced by a rotiserrie chicken.

Below is the trailer:

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