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Networked Objects & Mobile Application Design
w/Katie Bauer & Chetan Mangat

A Java applet loaded onto a fairly common mobile phone connects to a server over the worldwide standard GSM mobile network. It displays information about the current status of assorted sensors in one's home and enables the user to change the state of several devices, all remotely.

The project was implemented with a model powered by an Arduino processor and an XPort. On the server side, PHP & MySQL were utilized to maintain the current state of the model. J2ME was used on Nokia N80 mobile phones.

In the final model, the following functionality was completed:

  • Each of the four rooms had a light that could be turned on and off
  • There was a temperature sensor (thermistor) in the Living Room
  • There was a pressure sensor (FSR) underneath the doormat in the Foyer
  • The curtain in the Living Room could be raised and lowered

Large Image From ITP Winter Show

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