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Interactive Bag Of Hammers
Spatial Design Final Project
Fall 2005 - Jean-Marc Gauthier

A handful fairly common English expressions refer to "a bag of hammers". They most often carry negative connotations, including "dull" or "dumb" etc. A bag of hammers is used in these expressions as an example of the ultimate simple, lifeless and dull object. This project aims to use this perception as a way to create surprise and delight in the viewer's experience.

The installation will unfold surprise in two stages. The first, from afar, is the surprise experienced by seeing a bag of hammers hanging from the ceiling. It goes without saying that this is a very uncommon site. Particularly in the context of a venue that is full of intricate and abstract objects, this site would catch visitors as a surprising site. It will catch the eye and draw them near.

Large Images From ITP Winter Show

"It's going to be like this, except with more hammers."
-Description of initial one-hammer prototype
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