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Fun Facts Widget

Do you like obscure trivia? Sure, we all do!

This adorable Android homescreen widget features a random snippet of wisdom from Wikipedia. Tap the button on the right, and a new fact is displayed.

If a fact catches your fancy, tap it to go directly to the Wikipedia article from whence it came.

The widget stores 100 unique facts locally at any given time. A few times a day it goes out and loads itself with some new material, a little bit at a time. And so every three days or so, you'll have a whole new set of fun facts in your pocket.

  • Need something to kill time during your mass transit commute?
  • Want to impress your friends with seemingly amazing knowledge of extinct species, English cricket stars and Nebraskan history?
  • Are you just a big gigantic nerd?

Well then this free little widget is for YOU!

You can have this widget for FREE from the Android Marketplace right now

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