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Burn Down Hot Topic

LENGTH: 2 min. 41 sec.

RELEASED: September 1, 2009

GIST: Violet Crush brings us a tale of suburban angst, a call for revolution, and cold black cinders where their hearts once were. It goes to show that the next time you look at a mall map, you might just find only longing and flames.




Outtakes Dance Homage Whiskers' New Home



You might have noticed our special guest star in the video was a live chicken. Her name was Whiskers because we carried her around in a cat carrier. We bought her from a scary dirty slaughterhouse, where she was likely to have her head cut off within the week. When we finished filming, we rented a zipcar and drove her to a vegan farm sanctuary where she will live out her life about as comfortably as any chicken ever can. So, although we inconvenienced her for a few days, she is so much more better off now that we feel like it all evens out.

Update: On May 30th, 2011 Whiskers died peacefully at her home on the farm sanctuary. From what we understand, she was a happy and loving chicken for the last 2 years and was very social with her fellow chickens. She was buried and they even made her a little headstone. She was six-years old. RIP.

NOTES: Filmed in July/August 2009 at various Northeastern locales. Short URL:
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