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Miscellaneous Clips
Morowati - "War Ensemble"
The heavy metal juggernaut Morowati performs Slayer's "War Ensemble."
April 2007

A Question Of Springer
On an episode of Jerry Springer, an audience member asks a thoughtful question.
May 2006

GTA Vice City: Montage
A brief vignette of clips from a particularly eventful session of Grand Theft Auto Vice City.
February 2006

Vehicle Warranty: In The News
A special guest appearance on the Fox 5 news in Atlanta, GA
March 2009

Bronx Top-To-Bottom Walk
A walk from the northern border of New York City to the Southern tip of the Bronx.
June 2009

Applications: Stickers
The Web 2.0 meme of tagging is brought to life in and around Times Square.
November 2005

Bush In 30 Seconds Ad: "Dissent"
Entry to the Bush In 30 Seconds Competition.
November 2003

Grunt Hour: The Home Game
Andy presents a new feature on UPenn Campus Network smash hit "The Grunt Hour.
February 2003

Radiohead Clip
Clip made for Radiohead competition that solicited clips from fans to show on video screens during the live show. Unknown as to whether the clip was actually used.
April 2003

CRMS Video
Challenged by someone important to make a morale boosting video, this was put together to celebrate the teamwork of those who leveraged their core competencies to add value to key stakeholders. After release of first version, censored version had to be made at the request of the woman featured in the middle of the original.
Summer 2001

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