"Wrong Ships" my ass!
Yesterday I caught this in the British Press:

Doh! Pirates captured after attacking the wrong ships

Who says we didn't mean to go after your naval vessel? Just because we're sailing around in discarded refrigerator boxes does not mean we can't wipe the floor with you. Sure, this time you captured us with relative ease. But what you DON'T realize is that you have fallen right into our trap.

One of your "captives" is actually our secret weapon. In just about 2 days, he will start to experience stomach pains. You'll take him to your medical office on the ship and try to diagnose him. Within 15-20 minutes, his abdomen will literally burst. From his bowels will emerge a vicious demon creature. This creature of unspeakable horror will begin devouring you and your ship. Then he will swim to France and devour your children, and your children's friends. Which hostage has this evil hell-beast lying in wait? You won't know until it hits you. We surely won't tell.

So smirk while you can. You're about to get served.

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am loving you guys .....sending u good wishes....Ur brother from anoher mother in uk>>>.hopefully when uni finish it this summer i'll join you guys

I must warn you, Mr. Englishman. Somali Pirates adhere to a strict dental hygiene policy. So make sure you are all squared away before you buy that ticket to Mogadishu.

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