Welcome to my blog!
With some of the money we've collected in ransom recently I've decided to buy a computer, sign-up for Internet access and start a "blog". This should be fun!

Work's calmed down a bit lately. We've just got this one guy hostage. He's American so he feels entitled to things. At first we thought he was trying to be funny.

Anyway back to the grind! I'll check in again soon.

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somali pirate


2009-04-21 12:11 pm (UTC)

ought to write for the ny post

somali pirates


2009-04-24 04:16 pm (UTC)

think of it like this......if a vessle from another country came into u.s. waters for illegal fishing or tradeing. the coast gaurd would take care of it,,,,,somalia has been in a state of anarky since 1991 and has no coast guard.....men who once made their living fishing have grown tired of forign vessles in their water and now are starting to take a stand....the pirates are justified in what they are doing,,,,it is the west seening them as a threat and exsploiting them to gain support to eventually destroy them...

i hate america

A solution to Piracy


2009-05-15 05:32 am (UTC)

I wrote a blog entry on how to stop the piracy. Harden the ships! (http://tessaraction.blogspot.com/)

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