South Park. What the shit?
We've been getting a lot of e-mail from America about this week's episode of "South Park". Apparently, this is a popular television cartoon that is supposed to be funny. In this episode, we're told, a group of children flies here, to Somalia, to become Somali pirates. They then somehow rise to becomes the leaders of the Somali Pirate brotherhood, until we are all shot by snipers. One reader even sent us a screenshot:

We don't understand why these children are wearing silly costumes or why one child has a patch on his eye. We can only imagine that Americans think we are playing some sort of game. Well I can assure you we are not. If we ever did get ahold of your children, we would sit them down and make them watch "Blue Velvet", just like our children.

My brother has seen the episode on the internet and compiled a few factual errors with the story:
  • There is no bus service to that part of Mogadishu. You have to either take the monorail or walk.
  • We don't attack yachts, typically, because they reek of bourgeois largesse.
  • Our secret hideouts are usually underground and guarded by wild boars. Hungry wild boars with bad temperaments.
  • We do not tend to gawk at Navy snipers, standing on the beach all facing the same way, evenly spaced out.

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