We Demand the Press Stop Using Pirate to Describe Computer Nerds
We, the true pirates, are upholding a tradition of actual piracy. The violent kind. With weapons, booty, boats, and hostages.

We are demanding that the press stop describing internet kids who send movies to each other pirates.

File sharing is not real piracy. Real piracy is approaching a oil tanker in a fishing boat with your cousins holding rocket launchers. Real piracy is holding an American sea captain hostage with a hand gun while you try to negotiate his release for millions of dollars using a 10 year old satellite phone. Real piracy is watching your brothers die taking head shots from NAVY snipers while you're trying to swim away. Real piracy is having your children watch "Blue Velvet" every day after school. Real piracy has real costs and real stakes.

The things that we take are real too -- money, boats, human lives. File sharing takes away what? A hypothetical revenue stream from a suit? The day we see a movie executive on the high seas is the day we take him hostage and show him what real piracy looks like.

Do those pimply kids running the Pirate Bay think they are pirates? No! They've appropriated the term to subvert its contemporary usage in the media. They're pirates because dumb journalists bought the party line of the entertainment industry 20 years ago.  The Pirate Bay is mocking you, us, and every journalist that calls them anything but file sharers. We applaud their loss in Sweden, it means one less group diluting the true meaning of the term piracy.

So the next time a journalist mindlessly uses the phrase "piracy" to describe a file being sent across the internet let them know how stupid they are. Ask them if they understand what REAL piracy looks like, and whether, upon reflection, it makes sense to equate copying a file to holding an Ukranian tanker hostage with a rocket propelled grenade and a couple of AK-47s.

  The Union of Concerned Pirates

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You guys got that shit locked down.

We hear you brother.. It's like they believe they are someone who they aren't. Not like you and me who sail on the high seas and live true lives of piracy.

Captain Jack
Captain of the Spanish Sloop Pintafore
Gentleman of Fortune (http://www.gentlemenoffortune.com/)

Obviously you should attack Sweden. Just to prove a point.

Not attack, Hijack Sweden, they are pirates, not mercenaries.

I just wanted to leave a message to see if the captcha`s are really that cool, they`re ok I guess. Should be words like poop deck and stuff though.


Thank you for the excellent blog, but it could use some porn. Count me in as a regular reader. It is good to have an online home we can call our own. American helos fly overhead and the radio or satellite TV doesn’t work anymore.

Like you, I know English very well. I am a Somali pirate journalist working in Harardhere. I write stories like Obama being the worst US President and how he goofs up USN when they bother pirates. I send the e-mails to Rush Limbaugh, FOX News and Republican Party who send me good money and hawt Hollywood porn.

My pirate friend Abubakr makes real pirate video. This is not stupid. It is not a spoiled American kid’s video. YA-SA, YA-SA, YA-SA, YA-SA!


Good music, huh?

Maybe I can meet you sometime. Every three weeks I get to drive north and shop in Bosaso where my uncle has a video shop. I drive a truck and get Turkish porn, cell phones and Garmins there. The market also has good khat. Very fresh and will last for a long time in truck or boat.



idle minds


2009-04-18 06:13 am (UTC)

dahir u sound idle and scary because u look like obama and osama

I am a very scary Somali pirate. Not like Johnny Depp who is a very silly pirate who walks dizzy all of the time. We are never dizzy unless we find Heineken in the galley. I am scary like Captain Ron.

Obama doesn't like us very much so I don't like him. And we have Somali water dogs that know how to swim. Osama is bad. He will take away our videos and khat and being a pirate is no fun without that. I have Mogadishu cousins who like him but they are flower farmers and not real pirates.

See you later! I want to go to Bosaso next week and need to siphon some gas.


Somali Pirate


2009-05-06 12:34 am (UTC)

piracy is stupid, even if you think that you are some hero, they should be shot on the spot, we in the west are soft, but please continue the high jacking of ships, this will just give the military more power to deal with this ridiculous problem.

-computer piracy is intelligent / old piracy is for anyone whom can hold a gun.

Are you a real pirate?


2009-05-17 10:58 pm (UTC)

Well, I am a journalist, I am at your side and I would go to Harardhere to tell your story to the world. Can we talk about it?

oh yeah???


2009-05-19 03:09 pm (UTC)

Do you guys know how to use a computer?

computer Illiterate


2009-05-19 03:13 pm (UTC)

hahaha!!! You Somali pirates are computer illiterates that's why you do what you do.

Yeah, that's right...it's called a mouse !!!

a real pirate!


2009-05-22 11:14 pm (UTC)

a real pirate can hold his breath for 10 min
a real pirate must find the treasure of melee island
a real pirate must defeat the sword master
a real pirate be a master on the art of thivering

also his name must guybrush.... you pirates sux

Man you're a bunch of dumb asses.
did you suck Obama's dick lately?
You are a bunch of mamma's boy whining over stuff that way over your punny little brains.
Continue to be criminals with your hamsters brains and we'll continue to screw up the planet.
Don't piss us off too much, we can destroy your PC remotely...maybe I'm doing it now...
Don't mess with what you don't understand....idiots!

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