Somalia's Next Top Pirate
KISMAYO, Somalia - Buzz is building in Kismayo for the debut of the new season of "Somalia's Next Top Pirate", the highest rated Somali reality competition show of all time. Having recently stolen the crown from the 1990s classic "The Warlords Next Door", this season of SNTP promises many new twists and turns. Rumor has it that host Macaulay Culkin has a few tricks up his sleeve this year, including a challenge involving ice hockey.

Casting of the contestants took place across the country late last year, and filming was completed about a month ago. Large precautions were taken to ensure we won't find out who wins ahead of time, but we can only assume he or she will be at least as ruthless and bloodthirsty as last year's winner, Anthony Bourdain.
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Europirates got Somalipirates beat!


2009-04-20 12:04 pm (UTC)

Hey, could you write snarky stories about medical waste washing up on Somali shores? Europirates have been illegally dumping radioactive waste in Somali waters for years. LOL!!! Radiation poisoning is not an uncommon illness in Somalia. ROTFLOL!!!!

And fisherpeoplespirates have been plundering Somali waters. LOL!!!

Shit, this stuff is a laugh riot.

Who da thunk it! We'd been gitting them their pirates by starving the suckers and burning their internal organs all along!!

Take that Pirateman!

somali pirate


2009-04-20 12:23 pm (UTC)

keep up the good work--these are great reading...!!

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