Official Statement on the Phil Spector verdict
AFGOOYE, Somali - The National Board of Somali Pirates (NBSP) and the Somali Pirates Credit Union (SPCU) jointly denounced the Phil Spector verdict today as an unfair persecution of a former member of their ranks.

Phil Spector was widely known to have dabbled in Somali Piracy in the late 1990s. This was a personal choice on his part, and one that is to be respected. The extent to which he developed an insatiable bloodlust whilst forcibly seizing merchant vessels at gunpoint is a personal matter. The American mainstream media, on the otherhand, seems to think differently. As part of their broad campaign to defame and disparage our humble enterprise, they set up Mr. Spector to be framed for murder.

And, it seems that they have achieved their end. Well, let us say this to you now, American dogs: your snipers may take us out with headshots, or your lawyers may frame us for murder. We care not about the methods, and we care less about the results. Because we are not all as easy to find as our fallen comrade who lived in a castle in Los Angeles. Most of our castles are in Somalia, and they are underground, and they are guarded by wild boars who haven't been fed this week.

You think you can capture all of us and give us high profile trials in California? Good luck with that buddy.

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cavalier attitude ignores animal safety


2009-04-16 10:27 am (UTC)

Sure, you maybe be consenting adults able to make a personal choice to engage in piracy on the high seas regardless of the consequences, but what about your avian comrades (your loyal parrots)? Have you made arrangements for the care and feeding of your feather friends in case you should meet an untimely death? I didn't think so.



2009-04-21 03:22 pm (UTC)

thank you... brilliant.

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