Check it out, Russia thinks they can mess with us:

Russia may prosecute Somali pirates

You'd think that a bunch of folks who get their kicks out of nesting little wooden dolls inside slightly larger wooden dolls would have better things to do than dream of ways to toy with us. Don't they remember Chechnya? They don't do well in the face of desperate, ruthless people.

Let me tell you this, Mr. Putin. Your ineptitude will only emasculate you faster than your wife already has been. Also, you smell like farts. Not even nice pirate farts, but stinky KGB farts that smell like the inside of a moldy ventilation duct.

Oh, did I hurt your feelings? Maybe you can go complain about it in a Free Forum from our friends at Lefora. Sure we can do shameless plugs for friends; it's the pirate way.

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